LiFePO4 Cell

EVE 280AH LiFePO4 (LFP) 3.2V Cells Battery ( LF280K with 6000cycles, Fully Matched)--Genuine Grade A New Terminals

***This cell is with new terminal--double holes.***We will upgrade to flexible busbar for free, copper busbar, not aluminum.We will give you insulation sheets as gift.1 cell--with 1 free flexible busb

  • Model: EVE 280K
***This cell is with new terminal--double holes.
***We will upgrade to flexible busbar for free, copper busbar, not aluminum. We will give you insulation sheets as gift. 1 cell--with 1 free flexible busbar+4 free screws+1 free insulation sheet ***Our packing is 2 cells/box, it is safer for shipping, just it will be a little heavier than 4 cells/box, so the freight is also a little higher. ***In addition to cells, we also provide BMS, screen, active balancer, insulation sheets and finished battery pack. If you need them, please let us know.
1. About the battery:(1) We ordered the batteries directly from EVE. Grade A, brand new, guaranteed sufficient capacity, and EVE has fully matched them according to our requirements.(2) These batteries are with certificates, such as CE, MSDS, UN, UL, if you need them, please contact us. (3) We will give you busbars and bolts for free(busbar material-copper, busbar width-2cm, busbar thickness-2mm,1pcs 280AH---1pcs busbar+4pcs bolts),if you need extra ones,pls let us know.2. About freight:Please ignore the default shipping price on the website. We will calculate the specific shipping price based on different countries, different zip codes, different order weights, and different shipping methods.3. About ordering:(1) Please send us an inquiry through any product link in our store. (2) After we discuss and confirm all details (including product price, shipping price, total price), we will draft this order. (3) You could click on the order link we drafted and follow the system prompts to pay after verifying that all the information in the order is correct. (4) After we receive your payment, we will send you updates,such as test pictures and videos, tracking information. You just need to wait for the arrival of the order.4. About payment:(1) We accept credit cards, CC,paypal and T/T. (2) If this is your first purchase in Alibaba, the system may require verification of your account.

5. If you need "General Basic guidelines for assembling LiFePO4, lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery",please let us know.